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Aqua-Glaze®  Acrylic Glazing Compound

Use this acrylic latex compound under all types of interior/exterior paints. Paintable one hour after application and can be applied in damp weather. Clean-up tools and smears with water.

Prod# Size: Pkd: UPC: ShipWt:
021016 1/2 Pint 12/case 082069030167 16 lbs.
021004 Quart 6/case 082069030044 30 lbs.
021001 Gallon 2/case 082069030013 35 lbs.

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Raw Linseed Oil

100% pure non-edible, slow-drying Raw Linseed Oil helps wood retain its natural moisture content which retards cracking, cracking, checking and shrinking and aids water repellency.

Prod# Size: Pkd: UPC: ShipWt:
102004 Quart 6/case 082069630145 15 lbs.
102001 Gallon 4/case 082069630114 34 lbs.

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Boiled Linseed Oil

Contains driers to speed film drying and hardness. Enhances brushing and leveling when added to oil base paints. Two parts Boiled Linseed Oil mixed with one part turpentine makes an excellent semi-gloss furniture polish and protective coating for gun stocks and fine wood. Makes an anti-spalling compound for concrete when mixed 50/50 with mineral spirits.

Prod# Size: Pkd: UPC: ShipWt:
102104 Quart 6/case 082069631142 15 lbs.
102101 Gallon 4/case 082069631111 34 lbs.
102106 5 Gal. Drum 082069631067 40 lbs.
102153 53 Gal. Drum 082069631053 447 lbs.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, Crystalline, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to